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Category: First Time Home Buyers

    2 Myths Holding Back Home Buyers

    By The Riffle Group | June 11, 2019

    Freddie Mac recently released a report entitled, “Perceptions of Down Payment Consumer Research.” Their research revealed that, “For many prospective homebuyers, saving for a down payment is the largest barrier to achieving the goal of homeownership. Part of the challenge for those planning to purchase a home is their perception of how much they will need to save... Read More

    The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability

    By The Riffle Group | June 10, 2019

    There have been many headlines decrying an “affordability crisis” in the residential real estate market. While it is true that buying a home is less affordable than it had been over the last ten years, we need to understand why and what that means. On a monthly basis, the National Association of Realtors (NAR), produces... Read More

    How Buying Power Is Determined

    By The Riffle Group | June 4, 2019

    The biggest area of your life that you need to understand before you buy a house is your own finances. Before you know what kind of house you can buy, you’ll need to understand your own buying power. While things like square footage, how many bedrooms you need, and finding the right neighborhood are important,... Read More

    How to create your own dream home: home renovation trends

    By The Riffle Group | May 1, 2019

    In the quest to realize the home of their dreams, homebuyers and homeowners are increasingly turning in a familiar direction—erenovation. Housing inventory continues to be tight across the country and the price of new construction homes are often out-of-reach for first-time buyers. As a result renovating is becoming an increasingly popular choice across the housing... Read More

    With Inventory Low: Will Your Dream Home Need Some TLC?

    By The Riffle Group | April 25, 2019

    According to a new survey from, the wave of first-time homebuyers hitting the market this summer has resulted in an interesting statistic. Nearly 60% of buyers searching for a home this spring are willing to consider buying a fixer-upper, with 95% believing that the projects needed will increase their new home’s value!’s Chief... Read More

    3 Graphs that Show What You Need to Know About Today’s Real Estate Market

    By The Riffle Group | April 4, 2019

    The Housing Market has been a hot-topic in the news lately. Depending on which media outlet you watch, it can start to be a bit confusing to understand what’s really going on with interest rates and home prices! The best way to show what’s really going on in today’s real estate market is to go... Read More

    The Enormous Divide Between the Headline and the Truth

    By The Riffle Group | March 26, 2019

    “I have observed that not the man who hopes when others despair, but the man who despairs when others hope, is admired by a large class of persons as a sage.” – John Stuart Mill (1840s) Even back in the mid-1800s, people knew that negative news sells. That is still true today. All forms of... Read More

    Review Your Homebuying Options

    By The Riffle Group | March 6, 2019

    For those who want to buy a house, it helps to consider your options closely. That way, you can make an informed home purchase.   Now, let’s take a look at three factors to consider as you prepare to conduct a home search: 1. The Local Housing Market Assess the local housing market before you... Read More

    The First Step in Buying a Home!

    By The Riffle Group | February 14, 2019

    Are you planning on buying a home this year? Show homeowners that you are serious about buying by getting pre-approved for a mortgage! Let’s get together to help you take the first step in making your dream of buying a home a reality! Read More

    Whose Mortgage Do You Want to Pay? Yours or Your Landlord’s?

    By The Riffle Group | February 7, 2019

    There are some people who haven’t purchased homes because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. However, everyone should realize that unless you are living with your parents rent-free, you are paying a mortgage – either yours or your landlord’s. As Entrepreneur Magazine, a premier source for small business, explained in their... Read More