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Buy VS. Rent

Deciding Whether To Buy Or Rent

Have you considered buying a home but think you can’t afford it?

The truth is you can’t afford not to buy one!  Buying can save you hundreds of dollars per month, as rentals tend to be more expensive than what your monthly mortgage payment will add up to.  And you get more house for your money!  Not to mention, you’ll start building equity in your home right away!

 “But I don’t have a down payment.”

That’s OK!  MD has many programs out there to assist first time homebuyers that haven’t had a chance to save up for a down payment yet!

“My credit isn’t that great.”

Your credit might be better than you think.  We have lenders that can help you even if your score is as low as 580.  And if it’s less than that, there are many ways you can fix your credit quickly by working with one of our trusted lenders.

“We’re military; we’re only going to be here for 2 years.”

Well, how would you feel about saving $300/month over those 2 years? (What could you put $7,200 towards?)  And then when you transfer to your next duty station, we’ll help you rent your property out and then guess what – now you’re making several extra hundred dollars every month!  And did you know that if you’re a military buyer you don’t need any money down, and we will do everything it takes to negotiate no closing costs for you, which means you don’t bring anything to the settlement table!

So why wouldn’t you buy?  Buying has so many benefits!  And with today’s low interests rates, and affordable housing prices, you’re making a great investment for your future!

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