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Before You Start Your Home Search


Even as you begin thinking about buying a house, its important to obtain a copy of your own credit report and review it carefully.  Don’t rely on credit scores alone.  First, look for errors in balances and accounts, then contact those agencies to dispute any mistakes.  It’s not uncommon for old paid-off debts to linger on credit reports.  Second, look at the total amount owed on everything in the report and create a financial plan to pay down the debt.  Ideally you should lower your credit card utilization to 20%, but don’t close all active accounts completely.

Our job as your real estate consultants is not only to help you find and buy the right home, but it is also to guide, lead, and protect you before you start looking. We have some terrific lending partners, so call us for referrals.  These mortgage advisors can help you evaluate your credit score and advise you on the right loan.

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