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Monthly Archives: January 2019

    Is Student Loan Debt A Threat to Homeownership? No!

    By The Riffle Group | January 31, 2019

    Over the course of the last thirty years, a shift has happened. An entire generation has been raised to believe that a college education is their key to unlocking opportunities that were not available to their parent’s or grandparent’s generations. Due to this, student loan debt has soared to $1.5 trillion and represents the largest... Read More

    3 Things You Need in a Shifting Real Estate Market

    By The Riffle Group | January 24, 2019

    Whether you are thinking of selling your house or buying a home, today’s real estate headlines can be confusing – perhaps even concerning. What is actually happening with mortgage rates? Are home values dropping or are they just rising at a slower pace? What impact will the economy have on the housing market? If you... Read More

    Buying a House This Year? This Should Be Your 1st Step!

    By The Riffle Group | January 14, 2019

    In many markets across the country, the number of buyers searching for their dream homes outnumbers the number of homes for sale. This has led to a competitive marketplace where buyers often need to stand out. One way to show that you are serious about buying your dream home is to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a... Read More

    Is the Recent Dip in Interest Rates Here to Stay?

    By The Riffle Group | January 9, 2019

    Interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage climbed consistently throughout 2018 until the middle of November. After that point, rates returned to levels that we saw in August to close out the year at 4.55%, according to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey. After the first week of 2019, rates have continued their downward... Read More

    Want to Get the Most Money from The Sale of Your Home? Use These 2 Tips!

    By The Riffle Group | January 7, 2019

    Every homeowner wants to make sure they maximize their financial reward when selling their home. But how do you guarantee that you receive the maximum value for your house? Here are two keys to ensure that you get the highest price possible. 1. Price it a LITTLE LOW  This may seem counterintuitive, but let’s look... Read More

    Excited About Buying A Home This Year? Here’s What to Watch

    By The Riffle Group | January 2, 2019

    As we kick off the new year, many families have made resolutions to enter the housing market in 2019. Whether you are thinking of finally ditching your landlord and buying your first home or selling your starter house to move into your forever home, there are two pieces of the real estate puzzle you need... Read More