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Monthly Archives: May 2014

    Buying Your First Home May Seem Scary – We’ll Guide You Through It

    By The Riffle Group | May 22, 2014

    You’ve made the decision to buy, but you’re overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start.  It’s OK, we’re here to hold your hand through the home buying process and make it as stress-free and seamless as possible.  So what do you do first? Get a prequalification!  Before you even start looking for your new... Read More

    How Valid is a Zestimate?

    By The Riffle Group | May 19, 2014

    They’re out there – countless real estates sites trying to reel you in! From Trulia, to Redfin, to Zillow, and more! But why should you avoid these sites? Let’s talk about Zillow’s Zestimate as an example. The Zestimate is apparently supposed to give you a good picture of what a particular house is worth, but... Read More

    Buy VS. Rent

    By The Riffle Group | May 1, 2014

    Have you considered buying a home but think you can’t afford it? The truth is you can’t afford not to buy one!  Buying can save you hundreds of dollars per month, as rentals tend to be more expensive than what your monthly mortgage payment will add up to.  And you get more house for your... Read More