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$2000 Maryland Mortgage Tax Credit Incentive

You’ve heard us talking about the perks of Buying vs. Renting….

You know that current interest rates are some of the lowest they’ve been in decades!….

You know that the market is recovering and we’re seeing an increase in market values….

If you’re military, we’ve told you that you can purchase a home with $0 down….

If you don’t have a downpayment and you’re not military, we’ve mentioned the different programs out there that provide downpayment assistance….

But, if this still isn’t enough to convince you that now is the time to buy your new home, and start putting money back in your own pocket instead of paying someone else’s mortgage, let’s throw in one more incentive! What I’m talking about is a REFUNDABLE TAX CREDIT!

Now, this federal tax credit is only offered by select, authorized ‘tax-credit approved’ lenders. And guess what? We know them and can get you in touch with them! (You will not see this offered by most Credit Unions or Banks.)

The BIG question: HOW MUCH WILL I GET BACK? The credit is calculated at 25% of your Annual Mortgage Interest Paid, up to $2,000/year for as long as you hold the initial mortgage. (If at any point you sell the home or re-finance, you forfeit the credit.)

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.59.52 PM

There are some qualifying factors, and they are as follows:

– Income limits apply (call to inquire)
– Minimum credit score of 640
– Cannot have owned a home in the previous 3 years (Exception: Veterans)

DEADLINE: This credit is only offered on loans that CLOSE by the 15th of December, 2015.

Allow us to provide you with exceptional service, while we find you the perfect home, all while helping you save money! So what are you waiting for? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

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